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A Local Technology Agency. Built From The Ground Up.

Our Offerings.


MX local technology platform

The MX Technology Platform uniquely divides the entire country into 3,394 separate “Exchanges”, or marketing geographies. This technology is utilized by both local small businesses and large companies looking to market locally.


Agency Services

The Marketing Exchange helps large companies get local quickly. Our scalable solutions utilize every tool in the toolbox, including digital, field, social, partner marketing, and local channels. We also offer consultative services to businesses of all sizes.

Our Expertise.


The First Local Technology Agency

No other company has combined proprietary technology and a local marketing expertise like the Marketing Exchange. READ MORE →


Local Marketing

We specialize in four (4) types of local marketing: Geomarketing. Digital, Channel and Partner Marketing. READ MORE →


"War Games"

More than just marketers, we also solve business problems. We call it Business “War Games”, and companies of all sizes participate. READ MORE →


Industry Expertise

We focus on 6 key industries: Telecom, Financial, Food/CPG, Retail, Services, and Small Business. READ MORE →


Deploying Local:
Digital + Field

When we create local solutions for our clients, we consider digital and field tactics equally. 


Individual Services

We offer our digital and field services when a tactical solution is needed, from telesales to web development to local Facebook ads. READ MORE →